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JPJ Providence

From Arbigland to global success.

As followers of our craft rum company will know, John Paul Jones isn’t just the name of our brand. Right from the beginning, the bravery and sense of adventure that an (extra)ordinary boy from Scotland harnessed to become a genuine revolutionary hero has set the tone for everything that we do. Of course, we’re not suggesting for a moment that starting an artisanal rum company is as dangerous as signing up to join a ship’s crew at the age of 13 and fighting in a revolutionary war.


A different type of revolutionary spirit.

But we do feel that we have something in common: we were both inspired by a revolutionary spirit. For John Paul Jones, that spirit was inside of him and spurred him to fight for his beliefs. Our revolutionary spirit is the rum in our bottles. Our quest? To lead the way in readdressing how discerning adults view and appreciate the world’s oldest distilled alcoholic drink.


Spreading the word about the best artisanal rum.

This vision is one of the reasons why we’ve been backed by investors. This has given us the means to expand our company and bring John Paul Jones rum to a wider audience. There are many ways we’re doing this—one of which is the blog that you’re reading—but ultimately we know that the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or drinking!).  In other words, if we’re to bring our brand to its rightful place as the connoisseur’s craft rum of choice, we need to show what we’re capable of.


The scene is set for a new arrival.

We have, of course, already created two exceptional rums: our dark rum, Lowland, and our botanical white rum, Ranger, which we named after a ship that John Paul Jones captained with distinction. These unique craft rums, both of which are steeped in Scottish spiral wrack seaweed, have already set sail. We’re hugely proud of them and warmly invite you to try them for yourself.


Expanding horizons.

But, much like a fearless naval hero who refused to rest on his laurels, we don’t want to stop there. There is more to come from JPJ rum; there are other things we’d like to show you about the new heights that rum can reach. Which brings us to our announcement: we are about to Christen a new ship. Providence is finally here.


John Paul Jones Providence Rum A distinctly Scottish expression.

We’re hugely proud to be a Scottish rum producer. Scotland is the place where our founder, our inspiration and our company were born. It is also, of course, the home of whisky. Rather than be daunted by this matchless heritage (Scotch whisky is the UK’s leading food & drink export by a fair margin), we’ve always viewed the ‘water of life’ as the epitome of what can be achieved if you make the effort and take the time to craft something magical.  It’s also no secret that we look to Scotch whisky as the benchmark in terms of the way that it’s produced, respected and enjoyed by drinkers throughout the world.


A truly distinguished aged rum.

The ageing process is a large part of what makes fine single malt whiskies so special. Something magical happens inside those barrels and quite frankly we wanted to see what we could do with it. After a fair bit of wrangling, we managed to secure a barrel that had been used to age an exceptional Islay single malt—Laphroaig. We then filled it with our trademark seaweed-infused rum. All that was left to do was wait.


John Paul Jones Providence.

The result is nothing short of remarkable. We knew that Providence would be good, but we have to say that we’re blown away by what we’ve created. Providence is a highly exclusive release, with fewer than 150 bottles are available for sale, it is about pushing the boundaries of what rum could be. The spirit is every bit as smokey as its whisky counterparts, however underneath the explosion of peat is a sweet warm and spicy toffee note, so characteristic of high-quality rum. We’ve always been convinced that there’s no reason rum can’t be every bit as characterful, complex and sophisticated as a fine Scotch whisky. Providence is our way of proving that point.


Theres no need to take our word for it.

We’re not the only ones who are enthralled by Providence. We’ll publish in full in due course, but here’s a snippet of what Jonathan Ray, the highly respected veteran drinks editor at The Spectator, had to say:

Theyve come up with a punchy, deeply moreish spirit, the like of which Ive not tasted before.

Which is exactly what we’d hoped for.


Pre-order John Paul Jones Providence Rum.

Perhaps you’d like to see for yourself? If so, Providence is now available to pre-order directly from us. Experience a rum that reaches new heights. Each bottle comes numbered and with its own display box.


Team JPJ