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Artisanal Rum

Artisanal Rum – Meet the makers of John Paul Jones Rum. It’s strange how quickly words come into fashion. At some point in the last twenty or so years, people started describing all sorts of things as ‘artisanal’. Fast forward to today, and the word has become almost everyday parlance (particularly in the world of marketing) for all sorts of things, even those that it probably shouldn’t have. That’s why we thought that we’d use this blog to explore what we mean when we describe John Paul Jones as ‘artisanal rum’ and why it actually makes a lot of sense when applied to what we do. We’ll also get the chance to meet the people who create our craft rum...

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Our plans for John Paul Jones are in full swing

Our plans for John Paul Jones are in full swing. Our last few blogs in this ship’s log have been about our remarkable premium rum and the massive amount of care (and quality ingredients) we put into it. We hope you’ll forgive us for this, it’s just that we’re so proud of our infused dark rum, Lowland and its botanical white rum sibling, Ranger, that we’ve been champing at the bit to tell you all about them!   Creating a UK artisan rum brand isn’t only about products. Building a successful botanical rum company isn’t just about what’s in the bottles, though. The quality of the ingredients and the taste of our artisan rum is our first priority, but if...

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The ethos of John Paul Jones Rum

John Paul Jones has never been just ‘a brand’ for us. When we were faced with the daunting decision either to throw ourselves into craft rum or ride out the Covid storm and stick to our day jobs, we took inspiration from a fearless naval captain who always followed his heart. Our co-founder Ollie, who grew up in John Paul Jones’ birthplace, had been hearing legends about this bold adventurer for as long as he could remember, so when the time came to take the plunge, we channelled JPJ’s adventurous spirit and set sail on a quest that, while not without risk, gave us the chance to create a legacy of our own. Not to mention some delicious rum. Once...

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Types of Rum

Now that we’ve dealt with the basics as to how rum is made (see blog 2), we thought it’d be worth exploring the different types of rum and how they differ from each other. In this entry, we’ll take a look at the main categories of rum from the perspective of the mass-market and explain why their mistakes inspired us to take our revolutionary approach. Before we set off on this voyage, we want to make clear from the outset that the only thing John Paul Jones rum has in common with the everyday stuff is the use of sugarcane. We hope, in time, to be seen as a category onto ourselves; the future is one where there are only...

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What is rum made from

Our new blog has set sail and we’ve welcomed you all aboard the good ship John Paul Jones Rum. So now we can turn our attention to sharing our passion for what we do with discerning adults of exquisite taste (that’s you). The question we’ve been asking ourselves is, ‘Where to start?’ And the answer we’ve come up with? Explain the origin of our exceptional range of infused rum by starting at the beginning (like any good story). Let’s set sail! What is rum made from?  If you’re asking, ‘What even are the main ingredients of rum?’ Wonder no more. Rum begins its life as sugarcane. More specifically, most rum is made by distilling molasses, which is the dark treacle...

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