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JPJ Providence

From Arbigland to global success. As followers of our craft rum company will know, John Paul Jones isn’t just the name of our brand. Right from the beginning, the bravery and sense of adventure that an (extra)ordinary boy from Scotland harnessed to become a genuine revolutionary hero has set the tone for everything that we do. Of course, we’re not suggesting for a moment that starting an artisanal rum company is as dangerous as signing up to join a ship’s crew at the age of 13 and fighting in a revolutionary war.   A different type of revolutionary spirit. But we do feel that we have something in common: we were both inspired by a revolutionary spirit. For John Paul...

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Daring to dream. The inspiration for our brand came from looking out to sea across the beach where the fearless naval hero John Paul Jones had been born. When weighing up the risks of launching a new company or waiting for the Covid clouds to clear and returning to a ‘proper job’, we felt inspired to set out on our own voyage of adventure.    Scottish craft rum is the only fitting tribute. John Paul Jones was born in Arbigland. He became a sailor at the age of thirteen and went on to become a revolutionary hero—the ‘father of the US Navy’. More than one hundred years after his death, his remains were found preserved in a rum-filled coffin. If...

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Cocktails and Food Pairings

Appreciating John Paul Jones artisanal rum: a flavourful voyage. Our most recent blog explored what being a producer of ‘artisanal rum’ means to us on the good ship John Paul Jones. Now we’ve explained why making craft rum that deserves to carry the name of a revolutionary hero isn’t easy, we thought the time was right to guide rum afficionados in how best to enjoy the fruits of our labours. You’re allowed to keep it simple. Of course, enjoying our seaweed infused artisanal rum needn’t be complicated. You could simply buy a beautiful miniature rum gift set, adorn your bespoke JPJ tumbler with delightful clinking ice cubes and settle down to a rum on the rocks. But for those of...

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Artisanal Rum

Artisanal Rum – Meet the makers of John Paul Jones Rum. It’s strange how quickly words come into fashion. At some point in the last twenty or so years, people started describing all sorts of things as ‘artisanal’. Fast forward to today, and the word has become almost everyday parlance (particularly in the world of marketing) for all sorts of things, even those that it probably shouldn’t have. That’s why we thought that we’d use this blog to explore what we mean when we describe John Paul Jones as ‘artisanal rum’ and why it actually makes a lot of sense when applied to what we do. We’ll also get the chance to meet the people who create our craft rum...

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Our plans for John Paul Jones are in full swing

Our plans for John Paul Jones are in full swing. Our last few blogs in this ship’s log have been about our remarkable premium rum and the massive amount of care (and quality ingredients) we put into it. We hope you’ll forgive us for this, it’s just that we’re so proud of our infused dark rum, Lowland and its botanical white rum sibling, Ranger, that we’ve been champing at the bit to tell you all about them!   Creating a UK artisan rum brand isn’t only about products. Building a successful botanical rum company isn’t just about what’s in the bottles, though. The quality of the ingredients and the taste of our artisan rum is our first priority, but if...

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