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Captain John Paul Jones

One man's journey from humble beginnings to one of the greatest Naval Masters and Commanders of all time, John Paul Jones Rum was founded on the very Estate on which the man himself was born. 


he birth, his adventures and finally rebirth

Early Life 
Born July 6th 1747 on the Arbigland Estate on the shores of the Solway Firth in the southwest of Scotland, John Paul Jones was destined for the sea. A son of a lowly gardener, he would begin his sailing career at the mere age of 13, taking his first voyage to Barbados and Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was later, at the age of 17 - disgusted with the “abominable" slave trade - that JPJ would return home to Scotland, being thrust into the role of Captain after fever ran rife aboard the homeward vessel.
Naval Career
Inspired by the American revolutionary spirit and plagued  with personal struggles, JPJ emigrated to North America in 1775, offering his services to the newly founded Continental Navy. Working through the ranks, he took up his first commanding role on the USS Ranger to France, where he built a close friendship with the great Benjamin Franklin. It was later on this journey that he would begin his extensive assault on the British, securing an infamous reputation as an enemy and household name; sinking multiple ships and winning countless battles.
Global Leader
Later in life, John Paul Jones received a gold sword and the Order of Military Merit from Louis XVI. The scourge of the British, he spent remaining years of the war acting as an advisor; becoming the father to the American navy. As peace fell and his enlistment ended, Jones ventured to Russia in 1788, spending the end of his career fighting the Turkish and the Ottoman Empire, before settling in Paris in May 1790.
Death and Rebirth 
On the 18th July 1792 at 8pm, after a brief bout of sickness, John Paul Jones fell dead at the age of 45 in Paris. It was here where he would lie for over a century, embalmed in an alcohol-filled coffin, rumoured to have been rum. And so, it is upon this great legacy that John Paul Jones Rum was born nearly two centuries later, upon the same Arbigland Estate wherein Jones was raised… The question is, dare you embrace the adventure of the greatest Master and Commander of all time? Will you join the revolution?