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A New Direction 

Flavoured rums have forever been overlooked for Premium cocktails and short serves, perpetually hidden behind ghastly tiki goblets or diluted with sickly sweet fruit punch.

We however, are pioneering a new direction. For too long flavoured rums have been misunderstood as merely Coca-Cola cannon-fodder. We commit to tearing up the commonplace industry standard of suffocating the spirit in mounds of arid dried spices then papering over the cracks with lashings of viscid vanilla syrup. 

Alternatively, we oak age and lightly spice our Lowland Rum with a small amount of fresh and complimentary ingredients, which work as the wind in the sails of the spirit, propelling it toward new exciting horizons. This has created a trailblazing flavoured rum, which deserves its place at the helm of any cocktail creation, or indeed, never falters when served alone, or with ice. 

Sign on, young man, and sail with me. The stature of our homeland is no more than the measure of ourselves. Our job is to keep her free. Our will is to keep the torch of freedom burning for all. To this solemn purpose we call on the young, the brave, the strong, and the free. Heed my call, Come to the sea. Come Sail with me." 
- John Paul Jones

Meet Our Team 

Ollie Blackett

Head of Sales

Brought up on the estate where John Paul Jones was born and raised - listening to the tales of his seafaring adventures - Ollie is our Managing Director; heading up sales and marketing.

Finnian Gill

Head of Product

A London born law graduate, Finn is our ‘in-house alcoholic’. Having studied spirits through the WSET exam board, Finn is now heading up the production of our signature JPJ rum. Looking to the future Finn will be designing and producing all of our adventurous special releases, focused on capturing John Paul Jones’ pioneering and swashbuckling spirit.