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  JPJ's Cocktail

Both our Lowland Rum and Ranger Rum have been designed to be deliciously smooth without any dependence on a mixer. We have discovered however, that when the spirit is used in conjunction with other high quality ingredients, the potential for premium cocktail combinations is near limitless. 

We have devised these cocktails with real adventurers in mind. See below for our spin on timeless classics, paying limitless respect to rum's glorious past, whilst successfully taking the spirit in an exciting new direction....


A delicious adaptation of the cult classic rum tipple. Prepare for unbelievably easy sipping!

Channel your inner adventurer and trust us on that drop of apple cider vinegar, that acidity really cuts through the silky Lowland Rum!

🥃  40ml JPJ Lowland Rum
🍎  30ml Apple Juice
🍏  A drop of apple cider vinegar
🍺. Top with ginger ale
❄️  A tiny pinch of sea salt


Lowland Rum and its unique dry, savoury flavour stops this serve becoming too sweet, instead prepare for something REFRESHING, EASY GOING and so DELICIOUS!

🥃  50ml Lowland Rum 
🍸 50ml Campari
🍍 50ml Pineapple juice

Combine ingredients and shake, then pour over ice and enjoy! 

Espresso Martini 

The Espresso Martini is a cocktail forever misunderstood. Why use vodka, when all coffee liquors already contain rum? Raise your standards by using JPJ Lowland Rum, the sweet salty flavour works in perfect harmony with the richness of the coffee. Risk it, you will never turn back.


🥃 50ml JPJ Lowland Rum
🍸 40ml coffee liqueur
☕️. 1 shot of premium espresso
❄️  Pinch of sea salt


For those (like us!) struggling with Launch Party blues, you can now recreate our take on the iconic Old Fashioned!

Simply muddle the sugar and bitters, stir the Lowland Rum with ice until chilled, and combine. Simple, yet so special.

🎋 1/2 cube of dark sugar
🍸 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
🥃  50ml Lowland Rum

JPJ Sailors Negroni

Dare to reinvent an iconic cocktail by adding the unmistakably smokey flavour of Lowland Rum. The salty rum notes compliment the sweet taste of red vermouth perfectly. A flavour bomb, not for the faint of heart.

🥃 30ml JPJ Ranger Rum 
🍷 30ml Sweet Vermouth 
🍸 30ml Campari 
🍊 Garnish with orange peel