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Providence - John Paul Jones
Providence - John Paul Jones
Providence - John Paul Jones
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Entering uncharted waters, JPJ has finished its signature seaweed-infused base spirit using a cask previously engaged by a world famous Islay whisky distiller. A single quarter-cask was laid down in Scotland for 18 months, so only 156 70cl bottles will be released – each one numbered and presented in its own display box.  

 Critical Review - Jonathan Ray - Spirits Editor 

"By ageing first-rate, seaweed-infused Caribbean white rum in a former Laphroaig whisky cask, they’ve come up with a punchy, deeply moreish spirit, the like of which I’ve not tasted before. 

A feisty 47.5%vol, it’s hardly shy and retiring, but it’s not the alcohol that hits you – it’s too well integrated – no, it’s a hearty blast of iodine-y, smokey, Islay single malt. I was momentarily wrong-footed: was it a rum or a whisky? 

But hang on, a second sip and warm, sweet, spicy, toffee rum notes flooded through in perfect balance with the salty, peaty whisky. A third sip and I was happy as a lark, loving the complex, intriguing Scots-Caribbean marriage and begging for more. "

700ml - 47.5%

Tasting Notes

by Milroys of Soho

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
A sharp hit of sweet spice, seaweed salinity, and a whisper of smoke.
Rich Caribbean Rum texture coats the mouth with hits of vanilla, green grass, and ripe fruit. The vegetal nature of Laphroaig comes through in the mid-palate where the smoke swirls all the flavours around.
A soft finish with sweet, fruity notes carrying through with lots of smoke bursting through. A spice kicks up at the very end, leaving a lasting impression.



  • To produce only truly REVOLUTIONARY rums...

  • To pioneer ADVENTUROUS flavour combinations...

  • To champion HIGH GRADE ingredients: we never use any artificial additives or flavours…

  • To refuse to be bound by convention...as John Paul Jones himself said: “THOSE WHO WILL NOT RISK, CANNOT WIN.”

"This is an exceptional rum"

Milroy's of Soho - Oldest Dark Spirit Merchant in London

"Bravo boys, it's a belter"

Jonathan Ray, Drinks Editor The Spectator

"A Story that changes from bottle to glass, developing with nuances making it perfect"

Mariella Anna Franciosi, Bar Manager - Aquavit (1 Michelin Star)

"You should try it, it's brilliant"

Jeremy Clarkson, TV Personality

"I love the salinity and salty notes"

Tom Surgery, Alcohol Expert

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
tam Dolan

Bought 2 bottles of the providence rum, one to drink and 1 to keep. loved the taste but was disappointed that they were not packaged in the display box, but in normal mail packaging, so the one to keep is just the bottle, with no display box


If you like a smokey whisky or mezcal, but not the harshness of the spirit, this is for you.

Sad only 150-odd being made, I could drink it forever!