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Ranger White Rum - John Paul Jones
Ranger White Rum - John Paul Jones
Ranger White Rum - John Paul Jones
Ranger White Rum - John Paul Jones
Ranger White Rum - John Paul Jones
ranger white rum
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We have named our second expression after one of the most famous vessels captained by John Paul Jones during the Revolutionary War. Appropriately named, 'Ranger' was the first ship commissioned by the US to raid enemy craft within the Irish Sea. 


We have taken inspiration from this pioneering, 'first of its kind' mentality to drive ourselves to create a botanical rum like no other! Ranger is un-aged and has been naturally flavoured using food grade apples and limes, then, the same as our Lowland Rum, steeped in Scottish Seaweed, handpicked from JPJs birthplace in Southwest Scotland. 

The resulting liquid is smooth, balanced and light. Delicious served with a tonic or over ice. The apple notes are beautifully intertwined with those classic Caribbean fruits, leading you into an unmistakably salty, coastal finish.


700ml / ABV- 37.5% 

Tasting Notes

by Tom Surgey

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
Sweet-lime and green apple lead; not your classic rum aroma profile - which I expect is the point! Rosemary hints behind the exotic fruit layers.
The aromas follow, the classically fruity white rum character arrives here too in good harmony. Apple and the bold, bright bite of fresh rum linger long on the palate.
Nice, fresh and clean finish. This is made for tonic - a perfect partner; more energy and verve than a classic G&T. I'll have another!



  • To produce only truly REVOLUTIONARY rums...

  • To pioneer ADVENTUROUS flavour combinations...

  • To champion HIGH GRADE ingredients: we never use any artificial additives or flavours…

  • To refuse to be bound by convention...as John Paul Jones himself said: “THOSE WHO WILL NOT RISK, CANNOT WIN.”

"This is an exceptional rum"

Milroy's of Soho - Oldest Dark Spirit Merchant in London

"Bravo boys, it's a belter"

Jonathan Ray, Drinks Editor The Spectator

"A Story that changes from bottle to glass, developing with nuances making it perfect"

Mariella Anna Franciosi, Bar Manager - Aquavit (1 Michelin Star)

"You should try it, it's brilliant"

Jeremy Clarkson, TV Personality

"I love the salinity and salty notes"

Tom Surgery, Alcohol Expert

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christine Parker

I really like the Ranger White Rum, its very smooth to drink. It has a really good taste and pleasant atter taste too

William Rowland
Ranger Rum

Not what I expected, a nice rum but not exceptional, could not taste any trace of seaweed but other tastes came through. Will not purchase again but will try others.

Jonny Cudlipp
Fantastic rum!

Very tasty rum, awesome with oysters and fine to drink need or with a white mixer after food. Well done!

The new G+T

I am a total rum convert - my boyfriend bought this and I had it instead of a G+T one day and I won't look back. You can get the taste of apple and rosemary subtly through the tonic which made it much more interesting and refreshing than a standard G+T.

I had it with a normal tonic, few cubes of ice and a slice of apple - perfection!

Bottle is beautiful sitting on our bar too.


Made the best mojito I have ever had. Love the bottle design too